Do You Need Help With Your Tinnitus,
Sound Sensitivity Or Misophonia Problems?

You were not meant to do this alone

It’s not easy fixing things on your own.
Or even knowing what to do most of the time

What Do You Need Help With?

Don’t let another question, obstacle, or setback stand between you and your goal. We help you with those hearing issues that many health professionals know so little about. Begin by learning more about your personal situation and get advice on the right tools and resources for you. You may need only a little support or a lot of support along the way.


Tinnitus are those noises you hear in your ears or head. And to make it worse, you are the only one who hears the sound?
What, if any, help is available?


Hyperacusis is when you sound hurts or sounds are just too loud for you. To make it worse, others think the sound is ok.
What, if any, help is available?


Misophonia is when you have a strong emotional reaction to certain sounds. To make it worse, other people find them OK.
What, if any, help is available?

Who is Nolene Nielson?

Nolene NielsonHi, Im Nolene. I’m an experienced audiologist who has worked in the areas of tinnitus, hearing and sound tolerance for over 30 years.

You will find there is so much information out there: telling you what you should do; how you should do it; promises of either too much or not enough hope of improvement. You are left wondering if change is possible. for you It is possible.

It may be as simple as you finding out what the real issue is and some simple steps to make a difference. Or you may require detailed proven help, the right tools and resources to get the result you want.

What Help Will I Get?

Here are 3 essential steps you need to take to ensure you get…


Expert and impartial advice about your personal situation

Everyone starts with an assessment of what is really happening for you or your loved one. This is a 90 minute online consultation, one on one with Nolene to assess your situation. The aim of this consultation is to have a detailed understanding of what is happening for you, help you understand why it is happening and what can be done about it.

Hold your hand, Help on your journey

Choose the direction of your journey


Specific Personalised Program Designed For You

You will be provided with a simple framework plus proven tools and resources that are right for your personal situation. Not everyone is the same, so there are different options for different people. You don’t need to feel confused and floundering about what the right decision is for you. It is important to know you are on the right path for you.


As Much Support Or As Little Support As You Need

Don’t let another question, obstacle or setback stand between you and your goal. Everybody’s journey has ups and downs. Hearing Care Professionals process makes it easy to get the answers, overcome obstacles and get back on track so you can live your life well. You can DIY or have support on a regular basis. It is up to you.

As little or as much support as you need

What Clients Say!

I was feeling so stressed out. All this noise stuff was making me feel very edgy. Just the one appointment with Nolene has made a big difference to my life.

25 year old male

My son has had great benefits from working with Nolene. He now finds it easier to spend time with the rest of the family. Many of the treatments tried before were unsuccessful,as being a teenager made lengthy daily therapies difficult to implement. He didn’t mind regular contact with Nolene

13 year old male

Nolene understands that there is no one solution to hearing issues. People need different answers in how they manage their day to day situations.

45 year old woman

I read a news article about possible misophonia treatment. My consultations with Nolene have resulted in a pathway to living with misophonia and reducing the impact on my life. I would recommend this service as without it, my ability to commute, work and socialise enjoyably would have further declined.

35 year old female

Find Out What Your Options Are

Yes it is possible to get results you want. Just it is not always easy to make it happen. Nothing should stand in your way. Every week, I work with people who have achieved more than they ever thought possible at the beginning of working with me.

  • You don’t need to suffer from Tinnitus
  • You can reduce your reaction to sounds you don’t like

  • You can start to tolerate more and more sounds
  • And live the life you want

Remember every strategy leads to resistance. Every goal begs a question (or a few). The real challenge with sticking to what you need to do isn’t a personal lack of accountability, discipline or desire. It’s knowing how to overcome the inevitable obstacles, knowledge gaps and new shiny objects that stand in your way.

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