Advances in Phone Technology for Hearing Aid Wearers

Who doesn’t love to talk over the phone to their beloved ones?

What is normal for most people can easily turn into a challenge if you are a hearing aid user. Competing with the noise of the TV on at full volume or children playing in the background and it is almost impossible for people with hearing loss to understand what is being said by someone on the other end of the line.

Phonak has just launched their new Phonak DECT CP1 cordless home phone. It looks like a stylish standard phone but sends the speaker’s voice wirelessly to both hearing aids while reducing noise. The advances of hearing in both ears has been shown in research to improve Speech Understanding by over 40%. It is a plug and play cordless phone that is compatible with all wireless Phonak hearing aids and it can be used by regular family members or colleagues as a normal phone.

I first heard about this phone at the World Congress 2014 in Brisbane where many of the audiologists I respect from overseas were raving about it. I was so impressed that I bought 2, one for myself and one for my parents. Using a cordless phone has been an issue for years for people wearing hearing aids as they have had to resort to using the speakerphone or fumbling with their telecoils and for some it was impossible. They were never able to master a cordless phone and my only solution was to suggest they use a corded one. As a person with hearing loss I know well what issues they face and I love this phone.

Features include:

  • Direct wireless link to both hearing instruments – range of up to 25cm which ensures very easy positioning of the phone during the call
  • 1-click volume boost and carefully selected ringtones for ideal audibility
  • Standard phone features such as answer phone, caller identification, phone book and direct dial button
  • Range of up to 300 meters back to base for maximum flexibility

As the phone is moved towards the head, the hearing aids automatically switch to the phone program. The caller’s voice is transmitted simultaneously to both hearing aids while noise is reduced. The result is hearing aid users can just pick up the phone and effortlessly chat away – whether at home or in the office. The cordless phone also includes a booster mode for those times when you’re not wearing your hearing aids.

Read more about the phone.

It is so simple and I love my phone

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