Completely in Canal Hearing Aids

Last week we started to look at how to navigate the mindfield of hearing aids. Looking at how they vary in the way they look (style) and their performance or technology.

This week we will look at hearing aids that are fitted completely in the canal (CIC or IIC).

These hearing aids are custom made for your ear and designed to be as invisible as possible by all outward appearances. 

Unitron Completely in the Ear Hearing Aid

CIC Fitted


  • They are hidden out of the way, designed to be ultra-discreet and highly practical for those with more physically active lifestyles and professions.
  • Their position at the entrance of the ear canal means that CICs make better use of ear’s natural shape to funnel the sound into the microphone. This gives an advantage especially in background noise.








  • Occasionally they can make people feel blocked up, like having your fingers stuck in your ears. They may find their own voice sounds like they are in a barrel.
  • The hearing aids electronics are housed inside your ear which is not the friendliest of environments for advanced electronics as the temperature is 37°C, it’s moist and often full of wax. Therefore they may be more prone to needing regular servicing. The microphone is prone to picking up bits of dead skin – so regular maintenance is a must.
  • They take the smallest battery size so you use more batteries.

The “Invisible in the Canal” (IIC) designs are tiny and are virtually  impossible to see unless you are up very close.  How hidden they are will depend on the size and shape of your ear canal.

Siemens Hearing Aid from Hearing Care Professionals

Insio- IIC

Insio IIC Fitted

Insio IIC Fitted









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