Effective Use of Technology

What can you do to live well with hearing loss?

Last week I introduced my eBook – I Can’t Hear You – 6 Steps to Living Well with Hearing Loss in which I discussed the common reasons why we develop hearing loss as we age. This week I will look at the first of the 6 topics. The effective use of technology. Hearing aids, cochlear implants and most of the equipment we use for hearing related issues are technology devices.

Whether you have a cochlear implant or wear a hearing aid, performance varies for multiple reasons.  It takes a while to get used to hearing sounds in a new way or to use the technology in a way that suits you best. Sometimes you need other technological help to hear in large groups, on the phone or even television.

Your specific type of hearing loss and the level of performance you need are the two factors that will narrow down what styles can work for you. It’s about understanding your preferences and lifestyle and what situations you are in on a day to day level. Each person needs a unique approach to the technology that is right for them. Your budget is also a factor that needs to be considered when choosing the technology that will suit. All the hearing aid manufacturers produce a range of excellent hearing aids to meet all needs and budgets. Choosing an Audiology practice that is independent is also important.

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Technology is the foundation of living well with hearing loss.

Don’t forget you can harness the warmer side of technology through email and telephones.

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