Do you like the music you play?

Rock, Classical, Heavy Metal, Grunge are all music types. What are the differences between classical music and rock musicians besides the obvious?

Any musician can be exposed to sound that will potentially damage their hearing, especially when they are exposed day in and day out for many hours. Research has shown that if you dislike the music, it is actually more damaging than if you like it and many classical or orchestral musicians may play the same piece of music countless times and become bored with it. Many classical musicians don’t like their music as much as rock musicians do. In addition, an orchestra musician has their music selected for them by a conductor or artistic director. They may not like the selected pieces. In contrast, a rock musician tends to play their own music—music that they love.

It is this disliking or hating of the music that is partially responsible for the difference in susceptibility between rock and classical musicians.This research has been replicated many different ways, always with similar results.

So if you love it play it (in moderation). If you hate it don’t play it.

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