Fun Facts About Industrial Deafness In A Relationship

Fun Facts about Industrial deafness in a relationship

You might think your hearing loss only affects you, but consider this: Is your industrial deafness causing problems in your relationship?

One of the main characteristics of industrial deafness is that you hear some sounds very well, but others you just don’t hear. These sounds you don’t hear tend to be the high pitch sounds which help you to understand what is being said especially in background noise.

Here are some little known fun facts about industrial deafness and its effects on a relationship that you may not have thought of.

  1. You have a reason to finally get that second TV. You and your partner can enjoy your own space and television programs. And most importantly you get the volume set just how you like.
  2. You no longer have to bother phoning your partner, you can just send a text instead. It saves having to have a conversation with them.
  3. You are very reliant on your partner to interpret what is being said when you go out. Your partner has to be beside you all the time.
  4. You have to be careful when you go down to the pub with mates not to ask them to step outside. You know you just want peace and quiet to hear them but do they!
  5. You become adept at talking over everyone at a party
  6. You suddenly start talking about a totally different topic to the rest of the group out at dinner
  7. You find yourself answering the question? Would you like a beer? Yes I would like a cup of tea.
  8. Those little moments in bed are lost as your partner tell you they love you and you have to go “huh what did you say”

If your relationships are important to you, consider the impact your hearing loss is having on your relationships particularly those closest to you ie your romantic partners.

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