24 hours to better hearing: Here’s what to do

24 hours to better hearing: Here’s what to do

Just imagine you are going to a rather special event. You have been dreaming about this day for some time now. You know that you want your hearing at its best. What can you do in only 24 hours.

  1. First and most importantly is wear your hearing aids. Make sure you are using any technology you can access effectively. I often see people with poorly fitted technology wondering why they are still not hearing in certain situations.
  2. Take A Walk. It will have the added bonus of using up some of that excess energy prior to that special event.
    Exercise is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your overall health. Is it any surprise it’s good for your hearing health, too? The results of a 2013 published in the American Journal of Medicine concluded that a larger waist circumference and lower physical activity were associated with a greater risk of hearing loss — especially in women. Those in the study who walked an average of two hours each week displayed a reduced risk of hearing loss.
  3. Its never too late to exercise Your Brain and therefore your hearing. There are auditory training programs like LACE Auditory Training programs and Brain HQ available to help you hearing speech better in background noise. These are online programs and involve daily activities for those who already wear hearing devices as well as for those who don’t use any hearing technology. As you are running out of time, grab someone and practice the following:
    1. Practice having conversations in noisy situations by simulating those environments at home. You can do this easily by turning on the radio or television to a normal volume, then have a conversation with others in the same room. Focus on the conversation while tuning out all other sound.
    2. Close your eyes and ask your partner to quietly move to different parts of the room and make noise. Can you identify the direction of the sound? How about the distance?
    3. No partner? No problem! Here are a few solo activities to do at your convenience:
  4. Turn down the volume. Just understanding that if you turn the volume just a little bit it may even half the loudness of the sound and therefore any damage to your hearing from exposing yourself to loud noise or music
  5. Seek Help Early Rather than later so schedule a comprehensive Hearing Evaluation by a qualified Audiologist
    This is the best way to improve your hearing health is to establish a relationship with a hearing healthcare professional you trust. This professional can administer a base line hearing evaluation to determine the current health of your hearing and monitor it as you grow older.

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Nolene Nielson is an experienced Brisbane Audiologist whose independent audiology practice is part of a new direction in hearing health care.