5 Proven Essential Steps For Improving Your Communication Skills

Are you ready to learn more about 5 essential steps you can improve your communication skills whether you have a hearing loss or someone important to you has a hearing loss? These steps will help you build the small habits that will make a big difference in your life.

Nothing is worse than that feeling of frustration that happens when your efforts to communicate with someone breaks down!

It’s so easy to give up at this stage! Please don’t.

Remember half the reasons for communication breakdowns is lack of awareness.

Your communication with those who matter is repairable, just you both have to understand the little things that make a difference and change a few little habits.

The way communication works is usually there is someone speaking, the speaker, and someone listening, the listener. And you take turns.

Learning the 5 essentials to improving how you communicate will provide the foundation for creating situations where communication flows and is enjoyable again. To communicate well you have to take the following into account:

  1. Environment

Communicating in a quiet and calm environment is easier than when we are in an situation that is stressful or difficult. If both the person speaking and the person listening take responsibility for changing their environment communication is more likely to become effortless and easier.

  1. Speaker

As the speaker, it is sometimes difficult to get your message across to the person who is listening. It is always the speakers’ responsibility to learn more effective speaking tactics and use them on a day to day basis.

  1. Listener

There is a big difference between hearing and listening. It is the listeners responsibility to learn and use better listening tactics to receive a message successfully. This is an issue whether you have a hearing loss or have normal hearing.

  1. Technology

If you have a hearing loss, the use of technology makes such a difference not just to the person with the hearing loss but those who are communicating with them. Here in Australia we have a great hearing health system and there are technological options available often at a very reasonable price for everyone. These options include hearing aids, cochlear implants and what we call assistive listening devices.

The success of these technologies is very dependent on the way they are programmed and how they are used.

  1. Practice

New habits are not formed overnight. The transformation won’t happen overnight. The final step is to simply persist. Keep at it until you consistently get the results you want. It takes close to seventy days of consistent work to replace an old habit with a new one. And remember to give each other acknowledgement each day for the effort the other person is making.

In future articles, i will be writing of how others like you have applied these steps in different situations to improve how they communicate with each other.

If you have a particular situation you would like me to explore using these 5 steps please email me on info@hearingcareprofessionals.com.au and will explore that situation in one of my articles.



Nolene Nielson

Nolene Nielson is an experienced Australian Audiologist who is passionate about hearing. This article was first published at hearingcareprofessionals.com.au.