About Hearing Care Professionals

Hearing Care Professionals is an Audiology company that helps those with difficult hearing issues e.g tinnitus, misophonia, hyperacusis or sensitive hearing by providing you with access to the right information, proven tools and resources so that your issue is no longer a problem in your life.

We offer our services online via video conferencing or phone call. Currently all services are one on one.

All our work is aimed at helping you discover that it is possible to reduce your reaction to sound so that it is no longer a problem in your life.

What You Need To Know About Hearing Care Professionals

  • Hearing Care Professionals will focus on developing expertise and skills in the core areas of tinnitus, hyperacusis misophonia and acoustic trauma by constantly seek new knowledge and explore new ways to apply these insights and knowledge to help those with these issues.
  • Hearing Care Professionals is passionate about keeping informed on the latest trends and continually strives to maintain their specialist skill to improve the outcomes for you. We actively look for new programs and or collaborations so you get the best results possible.
  • Hearing Care Professionals will tell you honestly what is and is not true. This includes what we know or do not know; what might work or not work. We will not tell you something just to make a sale or to keep you happy if we don’t believe it ourselves.
  • Hearing Care Professionals will use proven processes and strategies from audiology and practical neuropsychology to empower you at each stage of your journey.
  • Hearing Care Professionals will examine the whole situation and person to explore your potential challenges, what works for you, so together we design the best solution for you.
  • Hearing Care Professionals will not take ownership of your problem or situation. We will not dictate the solution.
  • Hearing Care Professionals will not work with people who want short cuts or cookie cutter solutions. Because that is not reality
  • Hearing Care Professionals will not go outside of their areas of expertise. We will collaborate with other professionals to ensure all your needs are met.
  • Hearing Care Professionals will not offer a one size for all approach. There are many possible solutions and more than one way to apply the known principles to achieve the results you want.
  • Hearing Care Professionals will not chase the next shiny object or gimmick unless there is a science base behind it.
Hi! Im Nolene Nielson.

I have decades of experience in Audiology and have been lucky to be at the forefront of many of the innovations and changes in my industry. I have had opportunities to work with what many people in my industry call difficult and hard to solve.

It was a personal crisis,10 years ago that led to an “ahh huh” moment that changed my life and reinforced my current approach to my work with my clients.

I have a desire to help those with strong reaction to sound, whether it is their internal sound (tinnitus); certain external sounds that other find ok (misophonia); or, sounds hurt or are uncomfortable (hyperacusis).

I have the knowledge and expertise to help you reduce your reaction to these sounds.

I want to make a difference for you and show you that it is possible to create change and no longer view your tinnitus, misophonia or sound tolerance as a problem. Its not easy, but it is possible.

You are not alone in this.

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