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What Exactly Is Auditory Processing Disorder And What You Can Do About It

What exactly is auditory processing disorder and what you can do about it Although we hear with our ears, it is our brain that makes sense of the information we hear. The mechanism by which the brain analyses

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When Sound Hurts.

Imagine waking up and finding everyday sounds too loud. You might find talking quietly, eating or even the sound of the shower is just too loud! Yet these sounds that are uncomfortably loud to you, everyone

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Your Connections – You Need Others

The other disciplines for living well are focused on you the individual. After all, you are the only one who can take responsibility for and engage in the sorts of healthy and positive behaviours (exercise,

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Physical Activity, Exercise, Diet, Sleep and Rest

We all know how important physical exercise, diet and sufficient rest is for you health and wellbeing but have you ever considered the consequences of lack of exercise or rest and a poor diet when it comes

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Hearing Health Is For All Ages

There has been news lately about the concern over the impact of noise on the hearing of children and teenagers. In this day and age of iPods, iPads, YouTube and numerous video applications all ages are

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Inside Ear Infections In Children

In a healthy child, the middle ear is filled with air and sound waves enter the ear canal causing it to vibrate and hearing results. However if the middle ear is filled with fluid the vibrations of the

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